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By participating in the Nielsen Computer Panel, you can improve
products and services you use online today. The Nielsen
Computer Panel combines your internet usage with people like
you to build a picture of internet behavior.

By using the internet as you do everyday, we invite you to make
a difference - and you can earn rewards!

How does it work

From this site you will be able to install the Nielsen App and
complete the registration to be part of the Nielsen Computer

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You will need your Household ID and password provided to begin
the Nielsen App installation process

Click here to proceed to the Nielsen App install page.

If you do not have your Household ID and password, or need help
with the installation process please contact our helpdesk by email
at  australia.panelsupport@nielsen.com
or call our toll free number 1800 334 440.

Who we are

over 90 years of experience in the study of

consumer behavior

Nielsen is a professional research company, a world leader in
the collection and management of media information and
market data. Nielsen collabrates with IAB, a company that
measures and distributes qaulitative and quantitative data on
Internet users in Australia. Our mission is to study consumer
habits: what they look at, what they listen to, what they buy and
their online behavior. Completing our questionnaire and
registering your computers will give you the oppurtunity to
become part of important research results. We would be happy
to have you with us!